Let’s make hockey more sustainable


Ice hockey and Liiga are not just about sport. As the top tier of Finnish ice hockey, we have the chance and responsibility to take a stance regarding the future of the sport. Together with fans and spectators at home, Liiga and its teams and players shape the conditions surrounding future generations stepping on the ice. The Liiga environmental programme promotes sustainable development with the aim of saving our winter sports and stopping climate change.

  • 8%
  • 11%
  • 17%
  • 64%

The composition of Liiga’s carbon footprint

A thesis from the LUT University (Hepo-oja 2018) studied the composition of Liiga’s carbon footprint. The study, which utilised life cycle assessment of greenhouse gases, was based on a survey taken by the teams and the data available in a portal of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland concerning the energy consumption of hockey arenas used by Liiga.

Team emissions
Team emissions 8%

transportation and fuel production and emissions

Hockey arena heating
Hockey arena heating 11%

hockey arena heating and ice maintenance

Hockey arena electricity consumption
Hockey arena electricity consumption 17%

hockey arena air conditioning, ice maintenance and general maintenance

Emissions caused by the transportation of spectators
Emissions caused by the transportation of spectators 64%

transportation and fuel production and emissions

The annual amount of Liiga’s greenhouse gas emissions is approximately 6,400 tCO2eq, which is equal to the annual carbon footprint of approximately 500–600 Finns.

Taking action

In the recent years, Liiga has paid special attention to the ecological sustainability of its operations and committed to further reducing its carbon footprint in the future. Climate change has forced people and teams in winter sports to respond to the greatest challenge of our time: environmental awareness is a part of Finnish ice hockey, from transportation arrangements to recycling old equipment.

Energy efficiency at hockey arenas

The energy efficiency of hockey arenas is being constantly improved upon by developing the heating, cooling and lighting systems.

Public transportation to games

We are using more public transportation and shuttle bus services at hockey arenas. Carpooling services are also being developed.

Waste management at hockey arenas

Waste management and recycling at hockey arenas is being improved. We are attempting to reduce the amount of waste by ceasing the use of disposable tableware and exploring reusable options for beverages.

Travel planning

Teams play several games on the same trip, reducing the environmental effects of travel. Referees also favour public transportation and carpooling to games.

Equipment recycling

The players’ equipment are being recycled, and we are looking into recycling options for unusable composite hockey sticks.

Carbon offset through nature conservation

Liiga is working together with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to restore Finnish swamplands and offset globally significant carbon emissions.

It is possible to further increase energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of Liiga.


Let’s work together towards the future of winter sports in Finland

It’s up to us to ensure there will still be ice outdoors to play hockey on tomorrow. Liiga, its teams and spectators get to define the name of the game we leave for future generations.

Share a packed car to the game

The most efficient way to reduce Liiga’s carbon footprint is to drive fewer private vehicles. Let’s make sure that future generations have the opportunity to play hockey on natural ice. Challenge the hockey fans around you and share a ride to the game! #liiga #kimppakyytihaaste